PAoM e-Journal

The Philippine Academy of Management e-Journal is an online and open-access peer-reviewed journal that targets a twice-a-year release. It is indexed at the Andrew Gonzalez Philippine Citation Index. As an open-access journal, it is supported partly by the funds generated by PAOM from its membership fees. Starting 2021, as approved by the PAOM Board of Governors, the journal will also charge a publication fee of P3,000 for articles that have successfully hurdled the review process.

The PAoM e-Journal, which recognizes the need for stronger management scholarship in the country, provides opportunities to faculty members / academic staff (especially early-career academics), doctoral students, and other graduate students to have their works reviewed and published. These works come mainly from the proceedings of the annual National Business and Management Conference, which tackles a different theme every year. The themes address relevant issues in the Philippine business and management landscape.

As management scholarship is the main thrust of the PAoM, it provides an avenue for faculty members / academic staff, doctoral students, and other graduate students to hone their research skills by utilizing the PAoM e-Journal as a platform for knowledge sharing and dissemination. It also enables them to expand their repertoire of research publications, thereby helping them advance their academic careers.

Scope and areas of interest

The e-Journal accepts manuscripts in the broad areas of business and management. These include theoretical and empirical works, as well as methodological research, in the following areas:

  • Accountancy
  • Advertising management
  • Agribusiness management
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family business management
  • Financial management
  • Hospitality management
  • Human resource management
  • Humanistic management
  • Information technology
  • International business
  • Legal management
  • Marketing management
  • Public administration
  • Responsible management education
  • Risk management
  • Sports management
  • Strategic management

The PAoM e-Journal also welcomes case studies that illustrate emerging business and management practices of companies and other organizations, as well as book reviews of recently published trade books. It also encourages the submission of short notes, comments, or critiques of previously published articles, and rejoinders from the authors of these articles. These short articles shall be included under a separate section called “Research Notes.”

Target readers

The PAoM e-Journal, being a wide and comprehensive publication in the area of business and management, is not only meant to be read by academic scholars. It also targets business leaders, entrepreneurs, bankers, lawyers, economists, human resource practitioners, marketing practitioners, managers of non-profit organizations, technology experts, and sports managers, among many others. Thus, contributors are encouraged to write their manuscripts in simple and accessible English.

Processing of manuscripts

Processing of manuscripts is done year-round, with individual manuscripts being processed as they come. Papers presented during the annual National Business and Management Conference (NBMC) benefit from an accelerated peer review process.

Peer review process

The e-journal has a pool of qualified reviewers from reputable institutions of higher learning and from other public and private institutions involved in basic and applied research. Papers may be published in two ways: (a) through presentation at the annual National Business and Management Conference (NBMC), which is co-organized by PAoM and De La Salle University (DLSU); or (b) via direct submission.

Papers presented during the NBMC are evaluated by a review panel composed of the conference chairs, the PAoM e-Journal’s editorial board, and a representative of the PAoM Board. Authors of outstanding papers will receive the comments of the review panel, and will be invited to have their papers published in the e-Journal. Papers that might require additional work, based on the assessment of the review panel, will be subjected to the peer review process just like manuscripts received by direct submission.

The journal’s peer review process is summarized as follows:

  1. Authors submit their manuscript to the PAoM e-Journal.
  2. Submitted manuscripts undergo initial evaluation and are assessed as to whether they fit the criteria of the PAoM e-Journal. Those that do not meet the journal’s criteria will be rejected, whereas those that are appropriate will be subjected to a double-blind review process.
  3. Editors initiate the peer review process by sending submitted manuscripts to the journal’s reviewers, who are given a maximum of four weeks to complete the review.
  4. Editors communicate to the authors the results of the peer review.
  5. Authors make the necessary revisions on their manuscript then send it back to the editors.
  6. Editors send the revised manuscripts back to the reviewers for their approval. Once the manuscript has been cleared for publication, this will be communicated to the authors. Otherwise, the manuscript is sent back to the authors for further revisions.